Seven things

you can count on.

Clear structures
Independent partners
Our structure is crystal-clear, helping you to see plainly where and how you can benefit from the expertise of our specialists. This covers a range of disciplines as the business partners interact, allowing them to pool their expertise.
The strapline is "working hand in hand, practising independently, sourcing expertise from within". So you can expect even more quality and better service at excellent prices.
Familiar faces
Same contact persons
Reliable professionals in charge
Bouygues Energies & Services is a new name taking to the stage on the Swiss real estate market. And yet the faces behind the new name are the ones you are familiar with, so the change will not affect you, our clients.
You will still be briefing your usual contact person who will take complete charge of your assignment.
Local roots
National presence
International network
There is a strong network of enterprises behind Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland which have their roots in the local economy and a successful track record in the market spanning decades. We have offices in 30 locations in all parts of Switzerland,
guaranteeing the convenience of geographical proximity, short channels of communication and rapid reaction capability at local level. Providing the backbone of stability, continuity and security is the parent company with 1.7 billion euro in revenue and 12,000 employees.
The sharpest minds
The safest hands 
The leading experts
Bouygues Energies & Services brings together eminently qualified specialists at all levels - engineers, project managers, architects and professional service providers. Whatever your property needs may be, we can supply you with the right expert to meet your requirements.
And if your brief is highly specialised then we will take a little longer and look further afield for the expertise you need at international group level.
There is no pending tray for jobs in our company. Flat hierarchical structures and unobstructed lines of communication between the companies and proximity to the customer guarantee rapid decision-making processes and short response times.
If we hear that you are not entirely satisfied with a service or that progress has stalled, we will be there right away attempting to find a solution -  not the day after tomorrow but straight away.
We don't just think with you. We think ahead for you. Our eyes see what you don't see as you go about your day-to-day work. We challenge the way things are done and encourage you to think about ways in which you could economise and optimise
the efficiency and sustainability of your property. We can draw on the innovation potential of the Group if necessary when we are working out solutions for the way ahead. 
Customer focus
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Each individual employee is conscious of being personally responsible for your complete satisfaction. This sense of duty is enshrined in the ethos and culture of our business.
That means you can rely on employees who are manifestly proactive, visibly passionate about what they do and who go about their business with a contagious enthusiasm.