Our Mission

Bouygues Energies & Services International

We focus on people. Their needs and requirements in the working environment provide us with our challenge. As an important market player in property + facility management we campaign for the professionalism of property and facility management by proving comprehensive, integrated solutions. We concentrate on important economic regions and key markets and have at our disposal a network of services with enormous synergy potential.

Above-average customer satisfaction is our benchmark for success.

Environment and safety & security

Our environmental policy
We will continuously reduce our environmental impact and model an environmentally-oriented corporate culture for our customers and partners. We will analyse the environmental effects of our activities and take appropriate measures. We will support our customers in improving their environmental performance.

Our safety and security policy
We attach great importance to integrating safety and security aspects into our business activities and set the following priorities:
  • Protection of the individual (occupational health and safety and protection of health)
  • Protection of information (business and customer information)
  • Protection of assets (material, environment, resources)
The health and wellbeing of our staff is our primary goal. Every employee is assigned measures appropriate to his or her field of activity and hazard scenario and is given periodic instruction in them.

Compliance with all legislation and technical knowledge has priority over all other business considerations.

Bouygues Energies & Services lives out its defined values and has formulated these in its mission statement. Read more here (PDF 31 KB).


The 4 companies from Bouygues Energies & Schweiz are certified in the following divisions :
ISO 9001          Quality Management System
ISO 14001        Environmental Management System
OHSAS 18001  Safety Management System
ISO 50001        Energy Management System

Certificate Bouygues E&S FM Schweiz AG Certificate Bouygues E&S FS Schweiz AG Certificate Bouygues E&S Technics Schweiz AG
Certificate MIBAG Property Managers AG